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Originally Posted by kerryann View Post
What the hell is wrong with people these days who see someone that has become successful and think hey he robbed/ got over on someone.. instead of hey he worked his ass off?
Seriously? Explain to me this malfunction.
I have met very few people who are successful that haven't sacrified to get to that point. The people who are successful are the ones who probably have done most of the following:
Worked long and crazy hours to meet deadlines
Made themselves available after normal business hours (nights and weekends) to get work done
Take on extra/additional tasks without immediate compensation
Do whatever is necessary to get the task completed

I am so sick of people saying "oh he's wealthy so he got over on someone."

There are at least one to two weekends a month where I have to say I am unavailable because I have a hot project. I work a crazy amount of hours weekly. Those are the things I and doing to make myself successful, instead of just bitching about the people who have already sacrificed.

I agree! people like to attack successful people.
I believe everything i have in my life is from hard work and dedication. i believe what romney said about the 47% it is 100% fact and people dont like to hear it.

Originally Posted by whiterhino View Post
Mitt doesn't need the money. I truly believe he is doing this because he thinks he can bring our country back around.
i agree 100%
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