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Originally Posted by jimhri View Post
you madam are exactly what is wrong with our country. you believe in yourself and rely on yourself. you are probably the type that brought your own pencils, paper and bookbag to school and wore a coat, mittens and shoes provided by your parents instead of waiting for the school to give them to you free. don't you know your supposed to be DEPENDENT on the state, unions and the taxes paid in by charlie six-pack??

I don't like Obama, but I dislike Romney less. I don't think either of them are idiots, although it's obvious Obama is just not experienced enough to be President.

I think they both want the same things for this country and Americans. Good healthcare, better education, more jobs, etc. The difference is how it's done. Democrats believe that micro-managing government control can achieve all those things. They don't seem to realize the expensive inefficiency that government has. Republicans believe that those successes can come about from free market enterprise and getting the government out of the way as much as possible.

However, both of those views don't seem to trickle down to social issues, as Democrats are cool with abortion (to a limit), gay marriage and such. Conservative Republicans do not agree, and want say in those things.
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