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Originally Posted by BennettisTileCo View Post
If you get your information from Fox News and you think that they don't tell you stuff to deliberately try to sway you red than you sir need to educate your self on Fox News and its owners.
And with that said I do not support this administration. But I also don't like the looks of either that I have to choose from.
I don't watch Fox News, but I do listen to NPR in the morning drive and can tell you that almost every story is a "persuasion" essay. Look up "persuasion essay", then listen to their news and try to see if you can discern what side they are biased toward. Still I listen to it for the fact, but not the angle.

It is also funny to note that 2 years ago they were criticizing Obama every story, and during an election year he can do no wrong.
I'm not quoting idiots who promote unsafe recovery strap techniques anymore. :miff:
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