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Originally Posted by MonkeyBiz View Post
My wife, whom is a light sleeper, has finally figured out if I start yelling, twitching, breathing hard ect, it's about to get violent, and she slides out of bed, to the floor, and waits until it's subsided. More that once I too have woken up to a pissed off wife accusing me of punching her. I always feel horrible. There's no trend to what triggers them.

When I lived with Flamesfearme, he resorted to opening my door and throwing something and then slamming the door shut. It was the safest way for him to wake me up.

Im an angry sleep walker.

I have had 2 roommates move out due to my sleep related issues. I punched the first one when he put his hand on my shoulder and split his lip open, I was standing in the living room at 4 am when he got up for work. when I didnt respond he tried to shake me and I hit him. I walked in to the second roommates room at 3 am and when he asked me wtf I was doing I screamed at him for a few min then went to the living room and stood next to the window. I remember none of this and have been dealing with it since I was 12 or so.

Current gf is very understanding and has quickly learned to deal with it.

Though I have a "beefy" figure I eat like a mouse if I eat at all, when I do eat I eat well. No processed shit, meat and vegies, nothing from a can.

Lunch meat is disgusting!

I'm disappointed I don't have kids yet, at 21 years old I was not afraid. At 25 I'm extremely jealous of my friends that have kids.
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