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Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
So those that were quick to condemn all Libyans, What do you think of this latest development:
I'm pleasantly surprised. But then again, the Berbers of Libya are a bit different.

Remember our country is still young. IMHO,our ( ) people are short sighted enough to draw up ten year plans for peace in the middle east while Islamists have a ten century plan to take over the world. The Ottoman Empire controled and colonized most lands and countries around the med, western asia, europe and north africa for over six hundred years. They are not going to fade away. The Ottomans were duped into dissolving their empire, and won't fall for that again.

The next great islamic empire will be larger and will include the USA. They hate us for our freedoms (furor over the youtube proves that) and will use those freedoms against us. Might not see it in my lifetime, but it's coming.

There is nothing friendly or peaceful about islam. It is the cancer on our planet.

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