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Originally Posted by MuddyPaws View Post
Says the one that attacks family, wifes, children, and publicly slanders people with images that could lead to loss of their career.

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Your a piece of **** so it's a bit different And I would tell that to your face so . . . and what images are you talking about? I have no idea what your talking about with said images but I will agree with you that your wife's well . . . _________ (fill in the blank) but you started it with calling my family and I all kinds of names but I guess I understand people like you but I just don't get people like you. It's okay to dish it out but when it come back then you start to cry and say stuff like "that's not cool that my wife is ___________ and it offends me so you must stop" . . . . :tonka:

Originally Posted by BMFmike View Post
Dude you totally let me down, I went to central western weekend and I didnt see some stupid fukc standing on a soap box in tailgating thinking he could actually get another human to listen. Much like this scenario...
So you went to the game? Do your atleast remember that CMU won!! and in beating the Ponies of WMU that we are now the MAC West Champs!

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