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Originally Posted by mtnbikinbryno View Post
Are you riding around Reeds Lake? Good on ya for getting out a few times a week. Is it too far for you to ride to work? Commuting is awesome if it's fairly safe and not too far for you. I ride to work a lot. Got dumped on with rain the past few days but it's all good.

If you start to get bored with road/path riding you should really think about mountain biking, whole different ballgame. You can head out to Cannonsburg SGA for a 6-7 mile loop and feel wrecked because of the difference in riding, going through sand, over roots, and uphill. If I remember right a time of around 30 minutes per loop is pretty solid on that trail. It's a hell of a lot more fun too IMHO, just like running on the road versus trail running. There are a lot of great MTB trails within a quick drive from GR, including the new Merrell trails in Rockford.

Fast dudes are fast but it's too much fun to smoke a dude on a $5K rig with your entry level bike. :) You'll get there if you keep at it, it's all conditioning.
Yeah I'm a mile from reeds lake so it makes it nice.

I tried the mtb thing, but I was actually not a big fan. I don't know why, but I think it was because I grew up racing motocross and I couldn't get that horrible, "damn I need to pedal here to go fast" instead of twisting a throttle . The other aspect is the 25 minute drive up m37 to get the the SGA. I've been out there a few times but its simply takes too much time for the whole trip (not the ride) where it was a solid 2 hours time investment, now is under 50 from ratcheting up the shoes to jumping out of the shower.

Next year I hope to do the Reeds Lake Tri.... we will see how it goes. Maybe I'll just do the "tour de gaslight" if things go bad...

ETA I guess my bike cam from TC. Bricks or something? There is a sticker on the BB the guy at the shop today pointed out.
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