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Correct that Obie typically isn't involved in tactical decisions like the details of Embassy security. And when they do involve themselves in tactical decisions it doesn't generally end well, like Clinton in Somalia and LBJ in Vietnam.

However, the tone taken in the aftermath of such events is KEY.

In these cases, Obie fails miserably - a zero score. His "gutsy call" consisted of :

1) A strange and weasely statement (not allies but not enemies) and apology for any perceived insult to Islam (essentially adding credence to Islamist claims that the U.S. govt has control over this movie.
2) Identification of a U.S. citizen to Radical Islamists as well as a DoJ probe into this citizen for expressing their 1st Amendment rights
3) Assurances to the Egyptians that aid $ isn't at risk based on recent actions

So, pacification and appeasement. We've all seen how well this has worked in the past...

Epic fail.
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