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i dont think glen beck thinks he is gonna go suicide bomb a bus station or the captial. I think its reasonable to be on the lookout. Lots of folks cant win so they join the club, or they change the name (see my commies masquerading as liberal ). When hoffa was being prosecuted or investigated he tried to get buddies elected in the government to stiffle investigations and prosecution.

Whats so crazy to think terrorist groups would want to infiltrate our highest offices ?????? By any means neccessary like buying politicans. If politicans are for sale (which many are) muslim terror dollars buys you power and influence just like defense company dollars, pharmecutical, or trial lawyers money, insurance company!! Its all the same. What ever it takes to get ellected.

Your racist comment is as out of line as any. Its a relgious not a race thing .... unless you believe all blacks are muslim !?
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