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Originally Posted by TJJEEP View Post
I just don't understand the need we have to have everyone like us, or the need we have to help everyone. If they want to demonstrate against us, fine. Pull all funding and support. I wish we had more of a stance like Israel. If they see a threat, they bomb it and be done with it. They don't send in troops and billions of dollars and try to change the government and the people.

Obama is denying it is a terror plot. Having a successful terrorist attack against us right before elections would make him look weak.

There are so many problems at home that the funds and effort directed abroad would make a world of difference right here at home.
I agree that he is trying to make this look like a whole lot of nothing. I also am amazed at how little these incidents are being reported. If Bush was in office people having their heads cut off would be huge news, but for some reason it's not a big deal right now.
I say withdrawl from the area both physically and with our support. The government won't do it, but I am for just pulling out and letting them live the way they want.
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