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Originally Posted by fukkinrizzo View Post
Do you find that is an efficient way to heat? What kind of cost was it?
I have natural gas so that helps a ton. But yes, it really doesn't cost me a whole lot. I really didn't notice a difference in our monthly bills but we are on the equal monthly thing with consumers. It actually went down a lot for this upcoming year since we had such a warm winter. I have it on a thermostat set at around 52-55 while I'm not in there and usually kick it up to 60-64 while Im in there working. The thermostat is kinda in the line of fire so to speak with the heat so it's not super accurate. It gets warmed by the rays pretty quick and shuts off so the whole shop isn't at 60. I would say it stays around 50-52, which is perfect for me. If I'm in there working and it kicks on I have to peal off the sweatshirt after a couple minutes. I have it along the back wall at a 45 degree angle. It cost around $1800-2000 and it's a two stage unit. I put it up myself.
Originally Posted by itselliott View Post
13.5' sidewall..........scissors truss? or rafters? They made me keep the ridge line at 23'6"

Or did you use attic trusses? I needed the center height to put my boat in (14'6' on the trailer) I then horseshoed the loft space around the boat and crane.
Not sure the technical name but I have a full set of stairs and the trusses are 2x12 or 2x14. They look like regular trusses but made with a giant hole framed into the center of them. They cost and extra $140 dollars each at the time over regular trusses and they had to change the pitch a bit so there was some extra plywood and shingles. I think overall it was an extra 4k for the upstairs. But again, it added a shitload of storage or even a game room or something if I wanted.

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