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First off, in this age of digital recording, where everything that anyone remotely famous says can be recorded and rearranged, Itís pretty easy to put together a video like this for anyone, making it sound like heís contradicting himself. Also notice the strategic use of date. When they want you to know when he said something they give the date when he said it, but the y donít do it every time. I believe this is done deliberately to deceive.

Transparency: What was censored from those 194 emails? State secrets or things that would make the President look bad? Who are the whistleblowers prosecuted? Were they the likes of Bradley Manning and Julian Assange? Would you rather he not go after people like this? Iím all for transparency, and always have concerns about what weíre not being told, but these few sound bites are not enough to convince me that there is a problem.
Health care debates on CNN: I donít think the President has the power to require Congress to offer, and CNN to accept TV coverage. So it seems he was talking about something he hoped would happen, but had no real control over.

Health care Security: What he should have said that the government will not force you to change. The only reason employers offer healthcare to non-union employees is as an incentive to get people to work for them. If there is a public option that is better that what they can offer, and they drop their plan, the workers get to go to the better government plan, and everyoneís happy. If the government plan isnít as good as what employers can offer, then employers will continue to offer their own plan to attract workers.

Health care Cost: Medicare savingsÖ good. My understanding is that itís savings from eliminating waste and over charges, and not a reduction in care. Time will tell if it works out that way, but I like the idea.
Health care in general: Yes, there are some issues regarding accounting tricks to make it look revenue neutral and waivers given to unions. Iíd like to see more on it than a few sound bites.

Single payer healthcare: Again, some out of context sound bites strung together to make it sound like he intends his plan to turn into a single payer system. Yes, Obama has said he would like to see a single payer healthcare system in this country, but I do not see his proposed system moving that direction anytime soon, and if it does Iím sure the healthcare industry and conservatives will push it back.

Healthcare tax/penalty/fee/ whatever you want to call it: I donít care what anyone wants to call it. The concept is simple; If you can get health insurance and choose not to, you pay into a fund to pay for people like yourself who do not have health insurance. Iím not sure if itís a great idea or not, but I think itís stupid to debate what you want to call it, letís instead discuss the merits of such a system.

Taxes: Yes, it is possible if you define the healthcare mandate as a tax that he has increased taxes on some middle income people. Again, you have to pay for it somehow. In general, I think taxes need to go up, for everyone, to pay down some of our national debt.

Fairness: We could debate what is ďfairĒ until the end of time and never come to an agreement. And what better person to work on reforming the system than someone that knew how to work the system.
Employment: Yes, this have been a disappointment. Things have improved, but not as quickly as hoped. Maybe a different approach would have lead to better results, maybe not. There is no proof either way.

Energy: Not a big fan of ďcap and tradeĒ, but AI do think something need to be done to reduce greenhouse gasses emission. I havenít paid too much attention to me utility rates but I donít think they ďskyrocketedĒ. I donít have a problem with helping Brazil drill for oil while keeping ours in the ground.
Debt: yep, itís a problem. Iím not sure lowering taxes more is the answer.
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