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Originally Posted by Jiveturkey3 View Post
Not starting a shit storm I hope. With that logic if we destroyed all guns people wouldn't shoot people right? I get that leaving stuff where people see it makes you a target of opportunity. Isn't the real issue the lack of morals and respect?
The only shitstorm that should start is people in agreement bitching about the worthless fucks that take breath every day in the world.

You shouldn't have to take your laptop out of your car, you shouldn't have to lock your doors, you shouldn't have to carry a gun, etc... But because humanity is full of trash that seems to think that their way of getting by in life is taking things from others we need to do these things.

I think petty thieves like this should be tortured then shot on prime time television. Make the punishment so fucking severe for piddly shit like this that the population shivers at the thought of what could happen for serious crimes.
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