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Default Save our JOBS!


Has anybody been following this? As a state, I believe we are screwed. The title of this proposal is going to screw this state raw.

This is what I see happening. Uninformed Joeblow is going to go to the polls. On his ticket he is going to see "SAVE OUR JOBS" as a constitutional amendment. He is going to check "YES"... Of course he wants to save our jobs. What many don't realize, is this passes, and puts collective bargaining rights into our constitution. Business will leave... Quickly.

This will seal our ability to be a Right to work state. Unions will quickly, and I mean rapidly, over take our state, more than they have already. But it will only last so long. Because once businesses start getting ramrodded by the unions, they will simply pick up and leave. Passing this proposal will kill us.

On the other hand, employers will, in fear of their employees unionizing, will pay higher wages, better benefits, and continue to do business here. I could be totally wrong.


Edit: I just realized that Duffman posted a thread briefly covering. If moderators deam it a double/redundant post, delete it.
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