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Originally Posted by Trail Junkie View Post
Any word on the lady that got burned?
Originally Posted by Tacker View Post
First of all, thanks for asking about her. Thanks to all for the Fire extinguishers and a couple shirts that were donated.

It was my wife Grace that was injured. I didn't know anything had even happened to her until after the fire was out on Dan's jeep. I saw her crying and when I checked on her she pointed at her feet. I didn't know what had happened. She said that they were burnt. We laid her down and people poured water on them over a cloth until EMS arrived. Thank you to all who were involved in getting the fire out and calling for the medics and keeping her calm until they arrived.

Once in the ambulance she they put some wet gauze on the burns and got her as comfortable as possible for the ride to Clare, to the hospital there.

Once there the doc looked at it and was concerned enough to send us to what they told us was a burn hospital in Flint. It really isn't a burn hospital, just a Level 1 trama center. So we took another ambulance for a 2 hour ride to Flint.

Once in Flint we waited over 3 hours in the ER for a trama doc to look at her. The same bandages that were on her feet from Clare were on her feet for over 5 hours till they were looked at in Flint. For the record, Ft Wayne, where we are from, is only 3 hours from Clare and we have a true burn hospital here, if I had to do that all over again, we'd just gone by car to Ft. Wayne from Clare and skipped Flint. Once the trama doc in Flint cleaned her up they finally released us after 11pm at night. The incident happened at 1pm.

I had a buddy come up from Ft Wayne and picked her up in Flint at the hospital. He took her home, was able to get some meds from a local Walgreen's (had prescription script from Flint hospital) at 3am. He got her home. Dan came down from his house (1.5 hours) and picked me up from the Flint hospital. I passed out at his house for a couple hours and then went back to the park on Sunday morning to get the trailer/truck/jeep. I then drove the 3.5 hours home and unpacked the trailer.

We had one of our friends, who is a nurse, come over on Sunday morning (since I was still up north) and help change her bandages. She suggested follow up at the local burn hospital (we were going to do this on Tuesday, but she thought we should go Sunday) and let them change the bandages in the afternoon so they could make sure we got the appropriate treatment. Once I got the trailer unpacked and parked, I took her to the local burn hospital ER and we were then transferred up to the burn ward where they changed her bandages. They were happy with most of what Flint did, but not all. We then went back again on Monday morning and they changed them again.

She has 2nd burns on both of her feet. They are on the sides, not the bottom. I changed her bandages tonight before work and we are going back to the out patient burn ward again tomorrow morning to have them changes again.

She can only be up every three hours to go to the bathroom and walk around a bit. Thankfully my buddy and his wife made supper for us tonight and we have someone making dinner for us Tuesday night at least. Otherwise, I'm not much of a cook. She should be healed just in time for the baby to come around 10/11/12. The doc put her off work until after maternity leave. She is not upset about that at all.

She is in pain, but dealing with it pretty well. The baby is fine, we are going to try to see the baby doc in the next day or two, but there's nothing to indicate any issues there.

So three ER's with in two days and over 100 miles total in two different ambulances. I can't wait for the medical bills.

I was so mentally and physically exhausted that I took a 5 hour nap this afternoon. I meant to get to this site to post, just haven't til I came back to work tonight.

You guys are in the sticks. In Fort Wayne we have 5 hospitals, two are level 1 trama centers and one is the regional burn center. They are all within 10 minutes of each other.

Again thanks to all who helped out. I couldn't believe the folks that came to help us with everything.

This park continues to kick our ass. This is my fourth trip there and every time that I have brought my jeep to wheel we have broke something that kept us from wheelin the entire weekend. I'll be back Ron...your tree probably hates our guts tho.

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