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Originally Posted by High Center Hancho View Post
Going the extra mile is not always worth it, in fact you start doing that too much and people will begin to think that you SHOULD be going the extra mile. I'm not afraid of work, far from it...however I WILL not go the extra mile, I will do exactly what is expected of me. If I start picking up the slack where others left off, it promotes laziness on their parts, because they know someone will take care of what they were supposed to do for them, and secondly people will start expecting me to pick up the slack. And just because I won't go the extra mile, doesn't mean I have a bad attitude. What it means is I will do the job you pay me for. It will be done in an proficient manner, with little to no supervision, and it will be done right the first time. Why? Because I take pride in MY work..
I'm with Whiterhino on this one. While going the extra mile my bring more 'work' to your self, it also sets you apart from other people. In a non-union, performance based work place that means you go up the ladder. If your fellow employees don't want to go that extra mile they have no reason to complain when they don't get promoted.

IMO, a person that only does what they 'have' to do is lazy. I'd much rather have someone working for me that I ask to do something more and get a "yes sir, I'd be glad to" rather then "that's not part of my job, you're going to have to pay me more". Part of that is having the right kind of boss though. One that won't take advantage of you. But then there is the simple answer of "I'm sorry Sir, I don't want to add to much to my plate and sacrifice quality". And I honestly think that if you're the aforementioned 'set apart' employee, any smart employer would be willing to work with you.
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