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I didn't know doctors had their salaries bargained for, must be a damn good union. And of course I don't want my teachers earning minimum wage, don't be a moron.

Collective bargaining brings everybody to a middle ground, it doesn't reward the exceptional. There in lies the problem, we don't pay our teachers nearly enough to keep the really good ones in public schools, there are exceptions to that of course. Yes, unions make sure everyone has a decent wage but why should we settle on decent teachers or any public employee for that matter. Shouldn't we be striving to have the very best working for the public?

We're at the point now where we have enough labor laws to protect workers from a myriad of things. So now the only thing unions have left to bargain on are wages and benefits. Why not get rid of the wage cap that the unions have set and let performance be our guide.

I guess we'll just have to disagree..
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