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Originally Posted by High Center Hancho View Post
Really, how so? No discussion, I'm just a moron? Oh wait, I get it, just berate and marginalize people with a differing opinion than yours. Seems I've seen that tactic somewhere else.

So I'm guessing then that you're for your tax dollars being bargained by unelected people who really report to nobody? Now you can see why public sector employees have such great benefits and retirement packages that the state can not afford. Think about it, you have state employees sitting across the table from SEIU representatives bargaining for the wages and benefits of state employees. Duh!

And this is coming from a 25 year state employee with a sweet ass retirement package. In less than 5 years I'll retire and draw a really nice pension and health insurance for the rest of my life. I can even pass that on to a surviving spouse.

Unions in general only do one thing anymore, make sure everybody is paid the same. It really hampers the ability of excellent employees to reap the benefits of excelling in their field without leaving where they are and trying to find a non-union shop.

And the only thing public unions should be are watchdogs for our safety, conditions and any unfair labor practices.
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