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Default Constitutional Amendments on Ballot This Fall

Michigan is one of the few states that still allow "initiated constitutional amendments", that allow constitutional amendments to be made via ballot proposals. I won't get into the pros and cons of this here.

Inserting legislation into the constitution is rarely a good idea, as it is extremely difficult to change as times change. The state constitution is designed to provide general guidance, with specific details to be provied by legislation codified into state law.

While Obie vs Romney occupies the limelight, the sx MI constitutional amendments on this fall's ballot have some serious impact. I'll describe them in no-BS terms.

"Michigan Home Health Care Amendment"

What it says:
The language describes this as "placing features of the Michigan Quality Community Care Council in the state constitution, in addition to providing home health care providers with limited collective bargaining."

What it is:
A constitutional amendment to protect a shameful scam where the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) collects union dues from the state for everyone that receives financial assistance for caring for a family member in the home. The SEIU has declared all of these caregivers to be "employees" of the state and has further declared that they "represent" these folks, and our state legislature and "blow you away" ex-Governor signed off on this. Well, this scam has been made public, and the SEIU is pitching this to protect the gravy train. It is NOT about quality of life or health care, despite the obfuscation smokescreen.

Note that the SEIU outsourced many of their own internal staff to cut costs - sending many jobs offshore.

"Renewable Energy Amendment"

What it says:
The initiative would mandate that by 2025, 25% of the state's electricity must come form renewable resources. Michigan law already calls for 10% renewables by 2015.

What it is:
Eco-Nazis and wind turbine manufacturers joining forces to sell more wind turbines and solar panels. In states like MI with regulated utilities, utility charges are a function of cost plus a designated profit margin. When costs go up, rates go up. When rates go up, businesses move elsewhere and low income residentials need subsidies and bill relief further raising rates.

Wind energy has a higher MWH cost than coal, gas, or nuclear, period. And reliability requirements mean that utilities will need to maintain fossil and nuclear generation for days when the wind doesn't blow or sun doesn't shine.

So, basically, this is a case of out-of-state interests dangling promises of thousands of "green jobs". You see all of the new MI wind turbine factories that the "10 by 15" rule has made spring up all over the place - especially now that the Chinese got into the business. Not to mention the success of companies like Solyndra and First Solar. Bad idea.

Protect Our Jobs

What it says:
The initiative would add the right to collective bargaining for public and private sector employees to the state Constitution.

What it is:
A specific constitutional amendment that provides protection for unions against MI moving to be a Right To Work state, as IN recently did. Union leadership has realized that workers don't feel the need for unions like they once did, and that economies and employment in Right to Work states have grown - while businesses avoid MI like the plague. They're looking to insert themselves into the state constitution to eliminate worker choice - permanently. This would sacrifice the 83% of MI's workforce that is not represented as well as the 17% that is to protect union leadership. Bad idea.
This is the Pub. Leave common sense at the door.

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