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Originally Posted by zook94 View Post
WTF? Does everyone here think I'm a leeching bum? I have worked every day just like every other person on this planet, starting at 12 years old, when I had 2 paper routes at the same time. At 16 I moved up to busboy at a restaurant, and at 18 took a full time welder/fabricator job at Bridgeport Welding.

I have paid into the system my entire life. You fuckers can think what you want, but I have paid my dues. How many of you were paying into Soc. Security at 16? I was. I beome disabled at 42, needing a heart transplant, and suddenly I'm a fucking turd who drains the system, fucking you guys out of your hard earned money.... It's my money! I paid into the system for 25 god damn years and you assholes better just mind your own fucking business!

Grow the fukc up and learn a little about what you are bitching about.
How did you feel when you were paying into the system? I would guess you felt the same way as most of us who are currently paying into it. 1) Too many people abuse the system and are lazy and 2) That being said, there are people who need the system and that's why the system is in place. After reading some of your posts, you clearly fall into the #2. You are not in the same category as the lazy people who choose not to work and who scam the system.

In your own mind, are you the same as other people on the system who choose not to work? Have more kids so they can get more money? Have cash jobs and hide income to stay on the system? No, I assume you do not put yourself in their same category.

You are who the system was intended for and that's not who we have a problem with.
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