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Originally Posted by Offroadian View Post
Death wobble is usually caused by worn out parts or a serious steering angle problem.
A mild lift done with the correct parts should not cause it.
However, if you already have worn ball joints, loose tie-rod ends, sloppy spring or shackle bushings or sloppy bolt holes in the shackles/ mounts, a lift will change your center of gravity enough to make those worn parts cause death wobble.

I didn't mean to tell you that a mild (2in) body lift was a bad thing.
You asked which was better. A spring lift is better because it gives you more than just room for a taller tire.
It gives you more suspension travel (articulation) = better offroad ability.
Nothing wrong with a mild body lift as an inexpensive (stage one) stepping stone to building the rig you want on the budget you can afford.
My son once said he liked his Ranger's body lift because it made it easyer to power wash the mud off the drivetrain.
ok......... but now I just remembered my original issue with spring lifts........ wont it make my drive shaft angle too steep? It's just under 45* now, and my mechanic said that another 2" would make it too steep to operate both efficiently and vibration free. he said the angle could go anywhere from 65-75* at that point I believe, and that would be something I'd want to avoid.

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