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Originally Posted by 1993Bogger
There is no application. I didnt ask what you would put under ur heep, just which axle gives you the best bang for the buck. and if u dont know what that means, ill explain. if you were to go and buy these three axles stock, which one would be the cheapest and the strongest? From my expeirence the 14 bolt takes the cake. and as far as the 9" goes, unless u want to sink a grand or 2 into one, then you will have one relativly strong compared to a 14bolt
That doesn't make any sense... because I'm sure there is some dump truck axle you can buy for $10 used.

A 14 bolt is probably the strongest, cheapest, most available axle out there... but unless your running 39"+ tires is completely retarted... and then with 39's you have the same clearance as a pair of 44's on 36's.
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