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Originally Posted by ScOoTeR View Post
You forgot a few things:

JCR is a successful local business that started in a two-car garage and has had to move, what - four times now?
Why did they have to move? They had to grow in order to meet the demand for their product. They must be doing something right.

Your poor attempt at fucking with them seems to be based on some personal butthurt or jealousy of their success. They know what is more important for their new position than some random person on the internet that had absolutely ZERO to do with the hard work and effort it took to grow their business in what must be the shittiest economy in the United States.

Tell you what, you start your own business, build it up over 15 or so years of personal sacrifice, then you come back and put an ad out for a customer service rep. You can put any qualification down you would like.

Until then:

I wasn't trying to fukc with them. I've seen their work for years starting on a Suzuki site back when I had mine, and I don't have a problem with it at all. This was for a public relations job, and those two items need to be addressed. So as long as your panties are in a bunch, shove them up your ass!
By the way, congrats to Alboy79. He will be able to handle the job nicely.
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