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Default '77 K10 Revival from Wood hauling hell

A couple years ago I purchased this poor little '77 K10 short bed 4x4 from the Michigan/Indiana border for $700. It ran pretty decent, the front end was all over the road, the body was in decent shape (For Michigan standards) and the 4x4 was pretty solid. (at the time)

I drove the truck as it was for a year during one of the really bad Michigan blizzards and it did exactly what is was built for. As the year went on it started to get a little rusty along the bed edges and a huge chunk of bondo fell off that I apparently missed the first time around inspecting the truck.

Fast forward 3 years later and I'm finally getting around to put some time and money into the old girl.

I have done some tuneup work on the motor so far, but aside from replacing the heater core and a new carb, the interior and front half are completely stock. I have recently gone and stripped the whole rear half of the truck, bed lined the frame and am in the process of putting the new springs/block under the back for a 4" lift. The bed will also be swapped for a Stepside (Wife loves em)

I also have a 2" body lift that will be going on the truck because almost all of the cab/bed mounts are completely shot with 1 of them a 2x4 in it's place. (Previous owner got creative)

I am bed-lining the frame and axle housing and also getting rid of the old drum brakes in favor of a disc brake conversion in the rear. I am still acquiring parts for the brake conversion, but when I get pictures I'll update it.

I don't plan on going wild with this truck, I'm happy with 35's at the largest for this truck and perhaps a cage/rollbar in case I get too crazy with it. I also might do a BBC swap in the future for some deep mud, but for now I'm happy with the progress on it and hope to have the lift finished soon. (Tough when you work and have a little one at home.

More later.....
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