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Originally Posted by mideerslayer View Post
And on what basis are you able to come up with that I am a liar. I have been open and honest about everything I have said in this post and all others for that matter.

Please enlighten me
I'll do this for you since you seem to be slow.

Originally Posted by mideerslayer
So I proposed that he give me all the stuff back and the $50 cash, so I can sell the stuff and use the money for the parts and I would be happy.
Originally Posted by mideerslayer View Post
Wow tuff crowd... but there is no way this guy didn't know about some of this stuff.
Originally Posted by mideerslayer View Post
I don't have a issue with parts needing to be replaced and maintenance needing to be done, as I expected that. I just get pissed because he "sold" me on the truck on how well it ran and there was no issues other then the "starter" which was a loose ground wire and the p/s line. He told me he stopped driving it because of gas prices and he wanted to get a car for his daughter.

Originally Posted by mideerslayer View Post
and you sir can go suck on a donkey dick. I didnt ask for your half ass opinion, I was just "venting" not asking for anything in return or want anyone to shit on someone. I was speaking my mind about a transaction that i made on here and you got your thong all in a bunch, so again you can go fukc your self as I dont give 2 shits who you are or what you say!
The fucking thing drove you home. It did exactly as advertised. You got a 4x4 truck with a V8 that could self propel for a piece of shit stratus + 150 bucks worth of extra shit. You posted your were pissed that he wouldn't meet you 1/2 way. Why the fukc would he be obligated?
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