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Angry I need to vent a little on a trade I made(long post)

First and for most, I know its my fault for not looking closer and taking this guys word.

I recently traded my Dodge stratus for a dodge ram 4x4 with a member on here, between emails and texts I explained that my car needed two frt tires and it has a small leak some where in the brakes because it would loose brake fluid over a period of 30 days or so. I included all new rear brakes wheel cylinders and hardware, I have never done rear brakes So I threw in the parts.

I also explained it might need a tie rod because the way the tires were wearing un-even in the frt, but other then that the car drove perfect. I am 100% honest when I make a deal so there is no surprises.

Well the other guy tells me that the truck needs a starter and a possible power steering pump because its leaking.

Well I really wanted this truck because as my dad was dying from cancer when they were coming out with the ram 1500 and he wanted to get one but he lost the fight, and My friends dad got a hold of one before they were released and drove this exact color and style in my dads funeral (sept 93)

So I tell the guy I am interested and I drive to his house after he refused to meet half way??

So I get there and the truck was running and all looked good from what I saw and it was what the pictures showed.

He tells me he "found" the power steering leak, there was a hole in the hose and it was spitting fluid out as fast as you put it in.

Well because I really wanted this truck, I said ok I will make the trade, so I traded Him my car, a like new leatherman, a Brand New Buck folding hunting knife, a Car gps Unit and $50 cash. I did this because I felt since the tire needed to be replaced it would be fair.

I pull out of the drive way after he left in my car and I man handled the steering since there was no p/s. No big deal.

Well as I am driving down this long dirt raod, it runs drives shifts and I'm like great I got the truck I have always wanted.

I go to stop at the stop light and NO BRAKES, I had to push the pedal with both feet before it stopped(barely) I called him and he said the brakes worked last time he drove it?

Fast forward a few weeks, since I had to take my time looking it over and working on it because of my back and knee injury I move a little slower then most.

I replace the the power steering hose, and its working fine, well I look into the brakes and I end up having to replace frt calipers, (right side was seized), one of the metal lines going to the right frt and the rubber line in the right frt.

Well since it didn't have power steering, i didn't notice until I got under there, that the ball joints are shot, all the tie rods are shot, the left side u-joint was about to fall out. So I know buyer beware, but there is no way the trader didnt know about this.

I have called a few times, emailed and texted, and he swears that he didnt know all this was wrong.

So I proposed that he give me all the stuff back and the $50 cash, so I can sell the stuff and use the money for the parts and I would be happy.

Well He said that he wasn't aware of anything wrong with the truck and haven't heard a word since.

I know you win some you loose some one, but I just want people to know that you cant trust people like you think you can. I have had so many great transactions with people from here and met a lot of great people, so I felt I could take his word, well I was wrong.

Sorry for the long post but it has been eating inside me for awhile, and since I am all jacked up with injuries and the wife in school full time I have to get parts here and there, so I wont be driving it anytime soon, and that's the part the pisses me off, he could have just been up frt and honest.


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