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Smile Ruffstuff Shock Towers!

Of course these are the strongest, by design!

They start as 1 sheet of 1/4" Plate, Laser Cut and then bent 7 ways to retain the strength they had when they started. notice the bend on the back and where the top has 4 planes triangulated into 1 for maximum strength, you won't have to add a gusset to these.....But, you better box your frame, these aren't for sissies!

Here is a pic of the first 2 sizes that are available now!

And yes, I did say the 2 that are available now, we are making 6 different variations of these! Shock towers are not a 1 size fits all as many would have you believe.....You need to take advantage of the maximum articulation for the frame and axle you are using, having 6 variations available to choose from will make that easy!

The differences available are 9 3/4", 12", (measured from the top of the frame), and 2" or 2 3/8" deep for narrow or wide frames (measured from the outside in towards the engine compartment).

The tube ends attached to the Tower are 1" x .25" wall and are 3/4" long. We weld those in a jig to assure alignment. The rest of the shock pin support tube is up to you, we supply them in the lengths required to match what you are using with 1 1/4", 1 1/2", & 1 3/4" spacing available so you can put yours together without playing with them. They also come with the grade 5 bolt required, we use grade 5 rather than grade 8 for the elasticity grade 5 allows for, after all these are for shocks & coilovers! These also have the width and are deep enough to accomidate the most massive coilovers made, no more guessing if they will even fit.....

The Towers available today are 9 3/4" & 12" x 2 3/8" Deep. Pricing is $132 & $135 a pair, no reason to sell them for $175 a pair, I'm not trying to retire off everything I sell! The only ones I have seen for less might as well be the Ford towers, good but not the best:smokin:

And for the fools that spout off about copycat crap, take a good look at these, the Basic overall shape is the same on all 5 I found when I searched but these go far beyond different, the bend at the back alone adds 30% to the strength, and these are the only ones to give a choice......Compare and then you decide!
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