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The lid is being started now however...

I also found this in my stockpile of rarely used stuff and plan to work it into the build, maybe with solar panels and a battery eventually.

Wonder how long I could run a refrigerator like you had in a dorm...

I was sent some pictures today, the weather cooled a bit and Jeepaholic got started on my lid!

I was planning some solar and batteries... but batteries and this may be a better option, just found it at the local pawn shop With this and some batteries + the invertor I might be able to run a fridge and the microwave, just so long as they are not both on the generator or both on the invertor.

Microwave that will be a part of the trailer. I found this at a garage sale YEARS ago (about 12). I think it is about 1 cu ft. I forgot I had it until I started working on this build. I had it hidden in my bedroom when I was in HS.

It is 750 Watt, so it is right at the edge of what my generator can do, same as my invertor. It wouldn't be used often though.

The glass bottom is in the dishes waiting to be washed.

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