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Originally Posted by opie View Post
This is not an abnormality. But in underscores the bigger issue... We CANT do anything without being tied to Government in some way. That is the issue.
Welcome to modern society. This has been going on since, oh, about, the fucking beginning of history.

Originally Posted by opie View Post
This is a circular argument... I can not argue that the free market would have overcome these issue because it was not allowed to reach a state of equilibrium. While I see the merit in the argument that Government did good, the problem is it never stopped. Now we have hate crimes legislation and suffocation warnings on ziplock bags. The ends, IMO, do not justify the means.
I agree that there's to much regulation, But I don't know if any sort of "equilibrium" would have been reached before we poisoned ourselves out of existence.

Originally Posted by opie View Post
Imagine what it could have been without the high taxation.....
My guess would be wild swings from boom to bust like we have seen in other times of low taxation.
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