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Originally Posted by opie View Post
Whos not paying their fair share? The 51% that pay no federal income tax use the largest percentage of federal services.

Im down with the fair share sentiment, but lets apply it equally. If there is no intention of equal application, lets call it what it really is. Soak the rich, take it cause they have it, etc.

Along with our responsibility to maintain whats been built, its our Governments responsibility to not squander those monies. Problem reverts back to the 51%. The right gets blasted for voting for their own best interests. But in all reality, we are the minority voting block in this country.
Here's a little reading material about those evil 51% that didn't pay federal income tax in a certain year.

And it doesn't matter if you use the term "fair share" or "equally" or "equal application". you will never get agreement. We could debate it until the end of time and never reach an agreement.
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