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Budget, what budget?
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It all started with unions. in the beginning they were necessary because there were no laws protecting people. Since then they want more money,time off, extra benifits. why should a high school drop doing a mindless job make 45 an hour.The unions are fear and hate mongers I know of people making $150,000 on the line(working overtime). The problem is everyone's elses view of thier financial worth is based on this. If a doctor comes to shovel my drive Im not going to pay him 1,000, I will pay the 20.00 the job was worth. His excperience is worthess to me it just a shoveling job. Same thing with any job. Our min wage is 10.00/hr to do a brainless job, like serving coffee! WTF! Now we are at the point that things we make are soo excpensive that those of us outside the union cant afford the products.WE can't export anything any more ! I live in Canada and its worse here. the unions used to bargain based on our low dollar value, but now with close to parity the automakers are moving from canada to the us( some are obliged to not go off shore ,free trade deals) Now the auto makers want to cut the wages in half for new hires and the union is in an uproar. Think about it, if cars cost less they will sell more.More money to buy other stuff. We NEED some American and Canadian propiganda(sp) Buy Canadian, buy American. the gov. cant do it because of free trade restrictions. You cant freely trade with countries that can use your ideas and technology with rediculously low wages. The end.
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