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Originally Posted by Sfa_Colorado View Post
Yes we r able to build anything and everything better then any other country that's is a fact!!!!! An I have no problem spending for for the made in USA stamp and wish there was more made in America!!!!!!!!! But that would also mean the low class and middle class would struggle to stay out of poverty I have a great job but others are not given that same opportunity...


I agree but it would only be a struggle for a short time period because the lower and middle class would start working for the American made companies that at this time dont exist. its all balanced on itself. the middle and lower class have nothing/no one to work for because we dont make shit anymore. They all work for the wal-mart/ mcdonalds type companies down with that shit and up with American made companies better paying jobs, turns into better US economy, which turns into a country that can support itsself rather than this whole we are in.

There is no over night fix and with the fix it will not be easy for anyone and it will be devistating for others but it is something that needs to happen or we will really be screwed! People will loose their jobs but with the fall of one corperation will birth a new corperation just like a forest fire, its devistating for a while but it grows back bigger and stronger than before.

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