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Originally Posted by Immortal View Post
Actually no. It is all one in the same. If we eat healthy, buy righteously, and work smart most of us would be as healthy as an ox( I'm using the metaphor )

People are lazy. Fast food is a lazy persons heaven. Lazy people buy shit they don't need. Lazy people get sick easiest. It all goes hand in hand. Lazy people believe there is a pill for it.
If you could make a jazzy commerical for the real health foods (not the fake ones like sugary granola bars and lifewaters) like veggies and fruit then maybe someone might think they were worth looking into..
I still dont think boycotting solves anything and I think education doesnt usually solve anything. People are too self absorbed in this world to care about the environment, others, themselves, or even the economy anymore. They want instant gratification... all of the things they think they deserve with zero work.
This country is fucked and it has more to do with our attitudes about what we really deserve/need and less to do with what stores you frequent.
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