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Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
Again with the regulations. We don’t need the government to ban more stuff. We need people to start paying attention for themselves and not rely on the government to make sure their lives turn out OK.
Im talking about us the people banning the Bullshit not the Government! Banning, boycotting, not buying what ever you want to call it!

And I agree people need to pay attention to what they eat/drink. most people have no clue what they are eating and where things come from. I would not be educated it the slightest if it was not for some good friends like Bones and Wakebabe that are very hip to that stuff. I have learned alotin the past year and changed my fmailies diet 180 degrees. we watch what we buy and from where and we will ahve a full garden next year for all our fruits and veggies. :)

I see you are big on not having the governemt ban things but I think what they allow in some foods should be illigal. Thats my personal feeling. I get what you are saying about us paying attention and you are absolutely right but the sad part is we as a citizen's should be able to trust they have our safety and well being in their best interest but they dont give a shit about the people. and I think alot of people assume the government is watching out for our health and well being but they are not!

I truley think its their way of population control. just like I think alot of our colds and illnesses are fabricated from the drug companies. hey heres a cold/illness and heres the vacine for it... But thats a whole nother

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