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Guilt/demand associated with giving money
Sitting through long services
All the hypocritical activities
Begging for money
Christians who say one thing and do another
Logic seems to support evolution instead
I donít want to take a preacherís word for it
Getting up early is no fun
I donít think God is good because of bad stuff in the world
Pushy beliefs turn me off
Fire and brimstone preaching
Intolerance from churches
Church is boring
I can see and feel God, but I can with science
I disagree with Godís existence
There is no logic, only faith, that doesnít fly
Scare tactics used to control people
Some denominations donít follow the bible
Nothing new, all the same stuff all the time
I feel like an outcast among ďperfectĒ people
Time requirement inconveniences me
People judge me for my appearance
Too many politics in the church
Not accepted for who I am
I never liked it s a kid when I was forced to go
I can be spiritual without going to a church building
There are many other things that sound more fun to do
Churches sometimes compete with each other
I have heard bad stories, so I donít go
I donít know what church to go to, so I donít go
Church is kinda cultish
Itís too make believe for me, I am not a weak loser.
Nothing is true, based on lies that I donít believe
Seats are not comfortable
I see no reason to go
Too much corruption in the church
I would rather help people than sit in a pew
I have no time to go
If I went, I would spontaneously combust
I donít understand/agree with Christian ideologies
Lame activities
Communion wafers taste like my poo-poo
They donít meet the needs of their members
I donít see the need to assemble as a large group
Church can be kinda showly, I am private
I canít connect with singing as worship, I want to do other things
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