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Okay, here's what I don't like about going to church:

I feel my faith is a deeply personal thing, and get no joy / thrill / happiness / satisfaction from sitting in a room full of people and aping some dogma. I've yet to see a convincing Bible passage that says I'm better off doing so.

This doesn't mean that I'm not spiritual.

It means that I get incredibly uncomfortable around people that are (or say they are) and want to make a show of it.

I have nothing against those that do like to participate in an organized way - to each his own. If that's what it takes for them to get theirs, than more power to them. Likewise, I don't care what form that church takes - Catholic, Protestant, "Stealth Protestant Mall Church", Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, or Druid. They're all equal.

I beleive in religion through acts. When I support my family, help in the community, spend time with my loved ones, spend a day in the woods in a treestand, wheel down a scenic trail, or participate in charity those are part of my "worship".
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