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Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
If you have insurance available to you that you can afford you will be required to buy it or pay a fee/penalty/tax, which is supposed to help pay for the cost of providing medical care to the uninsured.

In theory you should still be able to get insurance through your employer, just as now. Some people are claiming that employers will quit offering medical insurance. I'm not sure why they think this.

Medicaid and Medicare will still exist, with changes. Likely these programs get expanded.

I think there will be government plans, but maybe not available to everyone. They may be needs based.
Here's why Bruce using my employer as an example. He wants his employees to have health care. Right now, the only way to assure it is to offer it through the company. I think he spends between $6-8K per employee right now x 100+ employees = somewhere in the neighborhood of $3/4 Million per year. So, what's the penalty for not offering it? I don't remember the number but it's way south of his current outlay.

Now, if he knew that the government was going to offer all of his employees quality health care for way less than what he is paying and all he has to do is pay the fine, why would he NOT pay the fine?
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