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Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
The problem is that you're already paying the bill for those people in the form of higher costs for health care to offset the people that can't pay thier bills.
so let me get this think the cost will go down?? How about refusal of servce for those that cannot afford it...or better yet, how about a national heath care system ran by the government in the form of government clinics. Where the wait is long, the service is subpar, but its free and paid for by the poeple with jobs. You want free heath care, go to the free clinic. You want good heath care? Get a job. All those doctors that get sued for screwing with the real people should be forced to work the gov clinic as part of their punishment. Or you could have the buttholes that read shit on the internet and think they know more than a doctor...or you could just have a computer that people look their own problems up in the office instead of a doctor.
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