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Originally Posted by GreaseMonkey View Post
That's why health care reform is a real issue and needs to be fixed, but not through a system where it will end up costing more such as Obamacare.

The frivolous lawsuits need to stop. Open up the insurance market to the free market and let competition, supply, and demand dictate cost.
And stop the red tape brigade where you have paperwork having to go through 27 offices for things to get done, and narrow it down to 2 or 3 tops. And start rejecting people that go to the emergency room for a sore throat. And bring back the $30 Dr's office visit for sore throats.

A buddy of mine knows an EMT in Indy that says he regularly has people who call 911 to get an ambulance to their house so they can say they don't feel good, then use the ambulance ride to the hospital to save cab fare.

Tweak the system we already have, don't wipe it out and start all over again. Obamacare is just another powergrab. The war on poverty hasn't worked since it's inception in the Johnson administration. The war on drugs hasn't worked since Reagan started it...what makes anyone think the war on health care will be any different?
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