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Originally Posted by whiterhino View Post
In theory that makes sense........ until.............. it's your newborn child or infant or toddler or 7 year old or teenager who will die without medical help. Trust me, I hate the Obamacare thing as much as anyone but when it comes to your own child, survival of the fittest is the last thing you think of.
I totally agree that it is subjective in that matter. But if it comes down to your kid vs my future, the future of my children, their children, etc... I think you know where my decision lies. And honestly I wouldn't expect anyone else to make a different decision.

The system just can't support everyone.

I'd say for the most part all of us do ok. I mean how can you be in this hobby and not be... But just think of how many people and families are probably on the fringe of just making it by without governmental help. Now suddenly they see the people a step or two below them in the order starting to get better hand outs and they have to help shoulder the burden of those hand outs. What keeps them working hard to just get by instead of saying, "fuck it, I'm going on the government tit too"? Pride? How long does that last? How long until the next layer says fukc it? And the next? And the next?
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