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Originally Posted by mschaffer66 View Post
Is it really wrong of me that I don't give 2 shits and a fukc about the poor dying on the curb?

Growing up my parents were poor by your average standards. But they were never poor enough to receive governments hand outs, not that they would have taken them anyway. But they instilled good work ethic and all that jazz in me, I got good grades, went to a good college(through student loans that I DO NOT expect you or anyone else to pay back for me), and got a decent job. So now why should I have to shell out more money on top of the tens of thousands of dollars I already do each and every year to further take care of the people that just said, "fuck it i'm gonna go with the flow" and amounted to nothing in life?

This country's downfall will be trying to do too much for everyone. Humans and this country are both fucking specs on the timeline of this world and we haven't even bothered to look at how the rest of the big picture operates. For some reason over the course of a few thousand years, or with our country the past couple hundred years, we think that somehow we can accomplish what nature hasn't for billions of years. To keep everyone fat and happy. It just doesn't happen. If an animal out in the wild has a litter of whatever too big and can only feed 8 of the 10, 2 starve to death. If a pack has a fellow lion that just can't seem to hunt well or keep up it slowly drifts behind and dies in the dust. Cruel as it may be this works and has worked for millions of years...
In theory that makes sense........ until.............. it's your newborn child or infant or toddler or 7 year old or teenager who will die without medical help. Trust me, I hate the Obamacare thing as much as anyone but when it comes to your own child, survival of the fittest is the last thing you think of.
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