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Originally Posted by TJJEEP View Post
I didn't care much for Bangkok Cuisine place. I was hoping to really like it since it's the closest Thai place to my house. Bangkok Hung on Northwestern Hwy is MUCH better.
I'll have to try that, even though I generally try not to drive south of walnut lake road - Maple occasionally - or rarely, I mean very rarely further south.

Originally Posted by WSU JK View Post
I head out that way for lunch quite a bit (either Sushi Samauri or Chopstix both at Orchard Lake and Pontiac Trail or if I drive and eat quick I can make it to Smash Burger down at Maple) and I've driven past that place a few times and wondered how it was and thought about stopping in.

Even though TJJeep doesn't give it a glowing review, I may have to check it out. For somebody who likes to get out of the office and go out to eat, working in Pontiac/Waterford sort of sucks.
I ♥ Smashburger - but typically stay away. For a greasy spoon type of place, that takes cash only Jaw's south of 13 Mile @ Orchard Lake makes a pretty decently juicy philly steak & cheese, but that's not the topic of the day, and as I mentioned above, way further south that you will typically find me

Originally Posted by Haggar View Post
I have been there a few time, its not too bad, as buffets go. The aisin guys at work like Fuji, by Oakland mall. It seems more authentic than most, which might be more than some want.

Its rare to ever find any buffets that are anything worth revisiting.
I'm mixed on the authenticity of far east cuisine. I prefer the non-noodle dishes, and pick through some of the veggies (e.g. I'll eat the occasional bamboo shoot, but don't want eleventy billion of them) - love the heat/spice, but don't really want to have the food sweats if I'm heading back to work

my sister in law is 2nd or 3rd generation chinese depending on how you view chinese people that first stopped off in the Philippines (her parents grew up in the Philippines, and grand parents were mainland china) - she doesn't like her own native food - on the other hand, her husband, my baby brother loved eating authentic chinese food when they were in mainland china for 3 weeks.

regardless, I can count on one hand the number of times in the past decade that I have been in the Oakland Mall area :|
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