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Originally Posted by Chiefwoohaw View Post
People celebrating who have no freaking clue what is going on. Now we must behave as directed, or be penalized. OBAMA LIED! HE SAID IT WASN'T A TAX. He rejected this in the media over and over, that it is not and will not be a tax. IT IS! Supreme Court just told us what is in it.
So they had to pass it, to see what was in it. As long as health insurance companies last they will collect the tax. INSURANCE PREMIUMS HAVE NOW BEEN CALLED A TAX!
The Govt. is forcing people to spend money, how is that not a tax increase?!?
Well STOCKS down after the announcement of the VOTE, the economy remains a disasters. Economy will continue to go down and taxes continue to go that what you want? Contemplate that. NOVEMBER IS COMING!!!! WE STILL HAVE THE POWER TO VOTE! SO USE IT in NOVEMBER! I love this country, I love the people, but there are individuals that need to be voted out.
Amen on the vote in Nov.
the supremes upheld this law on the technicality that the penalty for not purchasing insurance is called a "tax" most of them did not agree with this law but upheld it because they could not rule against a tax. this "victory" will most certainly galvanize the right behind Romney just like it did a conservative congress in 2010.
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