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Originally Posted by srlbotanical View Post
In my opinion, if you see the healthcare decision as a straight win or loss, you're really not paying enough attention.
Well here's the way I see it...It doesn't matter how great the bill is- with the nation facing a $15 trillion dollar+ deficit before Obamacare even kicks in- WE CAN"T AFFORD IT!!! Plain and simple. Even the Fed's own experts have come out and admitted that Obamacare is going to cost billions more than everyone estimated. When Obama was running for president in 2008, his chant was that the previous administration had run the country and the economy into a ditch; well thanks to BHO"s policies and Obamacare, he's thrown it into a bottomless pit and dropped a thermonuclear device in for good measure. Add to it that the SCOTUS has basically said, by upholding the individual mandate, that the Government has the power to tell you what you HAVE to buy, or what you can't buy anymore. Basically the freedoms that the founding fathers fought for all of us to have when this country was created were pissed away today. So yeah, I guess I see it as a loss for the whole country.
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