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Originally Posted by Muttly View Post
You are still over thinking everything.

Why wouldn't you just run the water heated regulator like everyone else?

As long as you arn't wheeling at 30 below it will work fine.
I am running the water heated regulator. It will work to keep the throttle body from freezing. This will allow me to start up during the cold temps. But, you are still loosing a great deal of fuel efficiency by not having the tanks heated. You loose the efficiency in the tank at your home in the same manner during the winter months. That is why they make tank wraps for your home tank. The propane boils more at 60 then 40. Keeping the tanks warm leads to more pressure and less wasted energy. Getting them to hot leads to a unstable increase in pressure(there is a relief valve for that but I don't want to waste gas) which is why I want them to stay under 100 degrees.

I did consider using tank wraps. But, the cost and hassle of taking them on and off seems like a headache. I am confident I heat the tanks using less voltage and faster using a small heater core/fan.

The idea of running a heated box is to not only keep everything clean from being covered in slush and slurry. But, there is the (small) safety aspect of in the event of a crash the tanks will be somewhat contained during the brief moment of a line fracture before the pressure valve shuts off. I have really over thought the safety aspect of running propane and have designed&redesigned the buggy around the aspect of safety during a crash/roll/etc to make sure the LP does not enter the passenger area.

I see your point on the simplistic approach of a air temp sensor and relay. I did go back to complicating things with that link. Heck when I first thought this up I had a very basic air temp indicator and a manual switch in mind. But, that is like watching your temp gauge to turn on your radiator fan. Eventually you will look down and see your temp at 230 or something because you forgot.

It may have been just me but that link with all the temp sensors looked like they were made for water. If they were for air that's perfect. Hot-90 degree sensor-relay-fan and it is done. Those were made for air? I looked over that page for like a hour and it still seemed like those were made for water.
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