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Originally Posted by DuffMan View Post
However, rising water "raises all boats".

Unfortunately, Dubya has little real influence over the stock market, oil prices, or the real estate market.

The rich getting richer and poor getting poorer is good democrat class warfare dogma. However, there are more "average people" in the stock market than ever before, largely thanks to Ronald Reagan's 401(k) program - something offered by virtually evey employer in the U.S., despite dire warnings it was for the rich.

Then there's the fable of Bush tax cuts favoring the rich. That's simple math. A tax cut will benefit those who pay more in taxes than it will someone who pays less - especially in a system with progressive tax rates like ours.

The poor are poorer because of things like NAFTA and the world economy. Ever notice how many fewer teenagers have jobs now than in the past? Sure, part of it is lazy Gen Y kids who won't work and overindulgent parents, but part of it is competition. Lawns are being mowed, papers delivered, burgers flipped, and gas "pumped" by 30 year-olds - jobs formerly the domain of teenagers. It's getting tougher to be unskilled labor in the U.S. - and after the collapse of big labor it will get tougher.
agreed . . and the stock market is only going to grow since all baby boomer money can't possible go into Life Insurance
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