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Originally Posted by Infinite_Wisdumb View Post
Perhaps! But there is some merit to a strong stock market/strong economy link. Dont you have any stocks CWH? If so, you cannot be too upset right now.
Yes I do and yes they are doing well

Originally Posted by DuffMan View Post
God forbid the "rich" do well, because it's really the "poor" that are investing and creating jobs. If we really want to move forward, we need to eliminate all of the "rich" and then we'd really have something.

CMU, you seem like a fairly intelligent kid who's purusing a business education and them you say things like this that show an ignorance of economics. I guess those bad things they say about CMU might be true...
It's slightly true . . I really don't think Bush gives a rats ass about the middle class and since his own family portfolio is on the rise then I imagine he's dumb enough to think that everyone in the US is doing good as he is.

. . . . and yes I do realize that the money from the rich that is placed in the stock market and other financial derivatives such as hedgefunds that really do some serious investing.

so . . . . just because I'm a business major does not mean that I can't have a heart for those that are getting poorer which is the opposite of the rich.
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