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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
I see we're dealing with a real rocket scientist here.

You are talking about a gallon of oil lasting you how many hours? How many gallons of fuel are you burning? Just stating you use a gallon of oil a season is fucking retarded.

At approximately 50-1 ratio you are burning 1 gallon of oil for 50 gallons of fuel, based on the approximate10% of horsepower rule for a 2 stroke at WOT/gallons per hour (17 gph in your case) you're telling me you put between 5 and 10 hours a season on your boat. burning 50 gallons of fuel.

THAT would be useFUL information, simply stating you only use a gallon of oil per year is useLESS information.

Also you really should shop around for your oil, $60 a gallon?

I used to get 2.5 gallon jugs of the high performance oil for $65, you can get the pwc oil for $30 a gallon all over the internet.
I now see your point on lack of information guess im not up to your standards of debate and mathamatics. Never kept track of hours because I dont have an hour gauge and never kept track any other way, just estimate useage and now much of the tank I use on a trip. my Boat holds 28 gallons of gas empty and roughly 2 gallons of oil in the side tank. A full day on torch, running 90% of the day I usally only end up using a half tank but never kept track of the gallons, or how much oil it accually uses, guess I should be. Just know how much oil I buy per season not the exact amounts, so my fault for posting what I use, just know compared to owning a pwc, I spend a lot less on oil per year, didnt want to come off "retarded" tho We use our boat quite a bit, 100% know I put more than 5 to 10 hours on a season since we drive it at least 2-3 times a week.. The only point I was trying to make is I feel that a smaller jet boat (my 17ft 3 jet boat) has a lower running cost than most out there with gas/oil cost due to alot of factors(smaller boat, smaller motor) and thats important these days. Then again my boat doesnt go 80 mph like yours so you got to pay more to play harder just like everything in this world

And yes Ive been paying more for oil because I dont order off line, I shop locally, the last one I bought I believe I only paid 50 because he gave me a discount, looks like I will be looking around.

Barry good luck on a boat purchase.
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