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Originally Posted by montecarlo33 View Post
No I dont think it was useless. When you use a gallon of oil a weekend and I can go all season (with living on the lake driving it at least 5 times a week for an hour or more and usally on sundays I try to be out on the water all day) dont you feel like running costs are cheaper? I wasnt talking about how much oil yours holds vs mine, I was talking about overall oil consumption as in how many gallons per year based apon useage. When you need a gallon every weekend to go out and play, and I can go out every weekend with just 1 gallon per year which is cheaper per weekend to get the boat off my hoist or trailer to be used equals to me more money I can put in the tank to get more useage. Maybe Im looking at it the wrong way, but when I go out I try to do things on the cheap and buying a gallon of $60 + oil a weekend would not work for me.
I see we're dealing with a real rocket scientist here.

You are talking about a gallon of oil lasting you how many hours? How many gallons of fuel are you burning? Just stating you use a gallon of oil a season is fucking retarded.

At approximately 50-1 ratio you are burning 1 gallon of oil for 50 gallons of fuel, based on the approximate10% of horsepower rule for a 2 stroke at WOT/gallons per hour (17 gph in your case) you're telling me you put between 5 and 10 hours a season on your boat. burning 50 gallons of fuel.

THAT would be useFUL information, simply stating you only use a gallon of oil per year is useLESS information.

Also you really should shop around for your oil, $60 a gallon?

I used to get 2.5 gallon jugs of the high performance oil for $65, you can get the pwc oil for $30 a gallon all over the internet.
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