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Originally Posted by bdd1469 View Post
I know of at least one malibu on my lake that has 100 hrs on it this season.If you live on a lake and have teenage kids,your boat will not be shut off unless it is out of fuel.
Most boats sit 90% of the time,but there are a some kids on my lake that ski/tube all day,till after dark.
If I go to hardy dam for a weekend of boating it probobly involves 3-4 hrs of actual boating. So thats probobly around the 20hr a season kickstand mentioned.
It really depends on the type of boating. Use a slalom course for example. Each pass is less than 20 seconds. The rules on our course is you get 6 passes or 3 falls per set. So, a full set is 3 minutes. 3 guys in the boat, 2 sets each and that is 18 minutes plus another 5 idling to and from the course. Do that 3 days a week, 4 weeks a month for 4 months = about 20 hours a year.
Now, when I was driving comps, we practiced 2 nights a week, 2 hours a night plus the slalom skiing plus my kids doing individual practice of at least 2 hours a week each plus we did a show or comp every other week for an hour. So, during the heavy season, i was wracking up close to 40 hours a month. I can assure you, that is A LOT of boat time!

Recreation tubing, wake boarding and skiing has a lot of down time between skiers and sets. An hour on the water may only result in 15 minutes of actual run time.
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